⚾ Angelic Thursday

A robot-generated ranking of every MLB game on Wednesday, May 26

The Angels and Rangers have each pitched a perfect game against each other, making them the only pair of MLB teams to have done so. Who knew!

😐 A few pretty good games 😐

  • Texas Rangers v. Los Angeles Angels: 78 points

  • Kansas City Royals v. Tampa Bay Rays: 77 points

  • San Diego Padres v. Milwaukee Brewers: 74 points

  • Philadelphia Phillies v. Miami Marlins: 73 points

  • San Francisco Giants v. Arizona Diamondbacks: 73 points

  • Baltimore Orioles v. Minnesota Twins: 68 points

  • Cleveland Indians v. Detroit Tigers: 64 points

  • Atlanta Braves v. Boston Red Sox: 61 points

  • Los Angeles Dodgers v. Houston Astros: 51 points

  • Seattle Mariners v. Oakland Athletics: 50 points

🙅 Two bad ones 🙅

  • Chicago Cubs v. Pittsburgh Pirates: 46 points

  • St. Louis Cardinals v. Chicago White Sox: 45 points

Happy watching!