⚾ Lazy Sunday

A robot-generated ranking of every MLB game on Sunday, April 11, 2021

Welcome to Monday. Luckily there were a couple great baseball games yesterday to help you power through the return-to-work slog.

👀 Two gotta-see games 👀

  • Kansas City Royals (BSKC) v. Chicago White Sox (NBCSCH)89 points

  • New York Yankees (YES) v. Tampa Bay Rays (BSSUN)84 points

😐 A handful of decent games 😐

  • Seattle Mariners (RSNW) v. Minnesota Twins (BSNO)78 points 

  • San Diego Padres (BSSD) v. Texas Rangers (BSSW)64 points 

  • Detroit Tigers (BSDET) v. Cleveland Indians (BSGL)50 points

🙅 And a bunch of not-great games 🙅

  • Colorado Rockies v. San Francisco Giants — 45 points

  • Boston Red Sox v. Baltimore Orioles — 44 points

  • Washington Nationals v. Los Angeles Dodgers — 44 points

  • Milwaukee Brewers v. St.Louis Cardinals — 33 points

  • Chicago Cubs v. Pittsburgh Pirates — 30 points

  • Cincinnati Reds v. Arizona Diamondbacks — 28 points

📊 Average WaG Robot score yesterday: 53.5 points. Median score: 45.0 points.

Happy watching!