⚾ Oof Tuesday

A robot-generated ranking of every MLB game on Monday, May 17

Yesterday was a poor showing in the MLB—the highest rated game only scored 67 points. Here’s hoping they pick up the pace today.

😐 A few pretty good games 😐

  • New York Mets v. Atlanta Braves: 67 points

  • Arizona Diamondbacks v. Los Angeles Dodgers: 65 points

  • Cleveland Indians v. Los Angeles Angels: 54 points

  • Washington Nationals v. Chicago Cubs: 51 points

  • San Francisco Giants v. Cincinnati Reds: 50 points

🙅 Four poor games 🙅

  • New York Yankees v. Texas Rangers: 49 points

  • Detroit Tigers v. Seattle Mariners: 46 points

  • Colorado Rockies v. San Diego Padres: 28 points

  • Chicago White Sox v. Minnesota Twins: 21 points

Happy watching!